Revolutionizing YouTube: A Proposal for Licensed Music in YouTube Studio

Revolutionizing YouTube_ A Proposal for Licensed Music in YouTube Studio

I started studying the topic of vlogs on Youtube and faced a problem. The problem is the musical design of the video and the copyright.

Video authors on Youtube should be responsible for choosing music for the video: either use Youtube Audio Library, or look for Non-copyright Music on third-party sites. The pain is that in Youtube Audio Library you need to dig well to find a cool track, and songs from third-party sites are a cat in a bag, you need to check your video for copyright, so as not to limit monetization.

As a video author, I would choose Youtube Audio Library – well integrated into the Youtube ecosystem and you can safely use music without fear of problems with copyright.


What to do if I want to use famous songs? I just want to convey the mood in a segment of the video or share my musical taste through the video. Refuse monetization? So-so option. Therefore, I came up with an idea that can help people like me.

Solution 1

Youtube has a streaming service Youtube Music with a huge base of songs. Why not give users the opportunity to use the Youtube Music library in videos on Youtube?

What about copyright?

So everything is already done by Youtube itself: legally there are agreements with music labels, right? Right. And if 10-20 seconds of a song are used in a video, then count it as “The user listened to 10-20 seconds of a track on Youtube Music” and pay for it as streaming, no more.

What about “pirate” schemes?

If someone from the users decides to upload a video with any musical album, then: a) Transfer all monetization to the authors of the music b) Introduce a restriction on the duration of the track that can be used in the video. For example, up to 20 seconds.

What is the profit?

The function of using the Youtube Music library can be tied to a Youtube Premium subscription. Only channel authors with such a subscription can use the function.

Or even introduce a separate subscription for content authors. This will solve the problem with copyright and you will not have to contact third-party services that sell access to author’s music by subscription.

Solution 2 — Audio Library 2.0

Youtube needs to update the existing Audio Library. The user has access only to search by artist, song, genre, mood and duration.

How do I know what artists are there?
How do I know what’s new from my favorite artist?

The existing version of Audio Library has no structure. In fact, it’s like a huge list of emails in Gmail, where it’s hard to navigate.

Why not take the experience of Soundcloud? Draw a dashboard with fresh artists who are looking for their listeners. Promote young artists in Audio Library and Youtube selections. Personally, I would be interested in inserting a piece of a young artist’s track into a video, thereby helping him in promotion.

Draw a dashboard with convenient navigation by genres, add playlists for a specific moment in the video (Slow, Energetic, Dramatic, Fun, Light, etc.) and let there be young artists in these playlists. How do they get into this playlist? Just when uploading a track, the author must indicate the category of the song himself.

Finally, create an independent digital music label for young artists. Youtube definitely has the means and opportunities for this.

What do you think?

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