About SoundSeeker

How I designed SoundSeeker


In this post, I want to share my experience of developing the design of the application SoundSeeker.

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to my mentor David Raskin (UX/UI Team Lead at Playtika), who supported me throughout the process and gave valuable advice. Without his help, I would not have achieved such a result. Read more in the chapter “Mentor”.


The idea to develop an application for finding concert tickets was born spontaneously. Most likely I was very inspired by my wife’s gift, in the form of a ticket to a Disturbed concert, and from that moment on, as they say, it all began.

I won’t hide it, initially the motivation was in the form of “What’s there, what can’t I draw an application for finding tickets?”, but I’m very glad that this idea underwent good changes.

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Game Design and UX

Exploring Game Design and UX, the “Win” Button, and the Lack of MVP

Games are not only entertainment, but also art, science and business. Behind every successful game there is a talented and thoughtful design that takes into account the psychology, aesthetics and economics of the gameplay. In this post I will tell you what game design and UX are, why they are so important for creating engaging and satisfying games, how the “win” button works and why MVP is not always the best way to test hypotheses about the game.

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