UX Problems: Spotify Private Session

UX Problems: Spotify Private Session

I love Daily Mix on Spotify. It’s a convenient feature where the app creates playlists based on the analysis of frequently listened-to artists.

However, there’s a downside: if you decide (like I do) to listen to a track of an atypical genre at night, Spotify will, in a couple of days, create a Daily Mix for you with similar tracks. And if I don’t want this playlist, I have to enable Private Session.

Private Session is a feature that hides your activity from friends and prevents the tracks you listen to from being added to the analysis.

Spotify Private Session on Desktop

In the desktop version of Spotify, you can enable private mode in just two clicks:

However, in the iOS version of Spotify, the user interface is different.

Spotify Private Session on iOS

As a user, I know of two ways to enable Private Session. I’ve displayed them in the screenshots below.

The First Journey involves a total of 4 user steps. This is too much for a function that should be “closer” and more accessible.

The Second Journey already offers a path in three steps. Better, but why not make it in two clicks?

My solution

All we need is a toggle. Yes, we could make it look nice with icons and animation, but let’s not take away the bread from the Spotify designers.

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