Inclusive 1600

Inclusive Design: Creating Products Accessible to All Without Exception

Inclusive design is a design practice in which products and services are developed in a way that they are accessible and can serve as many people as possible, regardless of their age, gender, or abilities.

People are at the center of inclusive design. It helps designers understand how to best meet people’s needs and create convenient and understandable solutions that can be used by everyone.

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How Designers can present their Design

How Designers can present their Design

I am delighted to introduce to you a new series of posts called #overheard. Here you will find captivating and insightful content based on the most interesting excerpts from design podcasts (and not only).

This post is an excerpt of the most interesting thoughts and information from the podcast “Design is like this: How to talk about design” (authors Nikita Lakeev, Roman Nurgaliev + guest Alexander Zazvonov).

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Hire Juniors!

Employer, yes you are! Hire Juniors!

Recently, I have listened to a podcast that touched on an interesting idea – sometimes it can be more beneficial for companies to hire Junior UX Designers instead of experienced Middle or Senior designers. This sparked my curiosity and made me think about the reasons for such a choice. As a result, I conducted research and would like to share my thoughts on this topic. In this post, we will explore the advantages of hiring junior specialists and why it can be advantageous for companies.

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