ADHD and UX Design My Survey Analysis

ADHD and UX Design: My Survey Analysis

This blog post aims to share an insightful analysis and key excerpts from a survey I conducted as part of my UX research, focused on individuals with ADHD. The complete UX research will be unveiled as a portfolio project soon.

So, what did I learn from surveying people with ADHD for my UX Portfolio Project? How can these insights inform more empathetic and inclusive design? I invite you to join me on this fascinating exploration. Let’s delve into the significant insights and surprises that emerged from my analysis.

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Inclusive 1600

Inclusive Design: Creating Products Accessible to All Without Exception

Inclusive design is a design practice in which products and services are developed in a way that they are accessible and can serve as many people as possible, regardless of their age, gender, or abilities.

People are at the center of inclusive design. It helps designers understand how to best meet people’s needs and create convenient and understandable solutions that can be used by everyone.

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