ADHD and UX Design My Survey Analysis

ADHD and UX Design: My Survey Analysis

This blog post aims to share an insightful analysis and key excerpts from a survey I conducted as part of my UX research, focused on individuals with ADHD. The complete UX research will be unveiled as a portfolio project soon.

So, what did I learn from surveying people with ADHD for my UX Portfolio Project? How can these insights inform more empathetic and inclusive design? I invite you to join me on this fascinating exploration. Let’s delve into the significant insights and surprises that emerged from my analysis.

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About SoundSeeker

How I designed SoundSeeker


In this post, I want to share my experience of developing the design of the application SoundSeeker.

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to my mentor David Raskin (UX/UI Team Lead at Playtika), who supported me throughout the process and gave valuable advice. Without his help, I would not have achieved such a result. Read more in the chapter “Mentor”.


The idea to develop an application for finding concert tickets was born spontaneously. Most likely I was very inspired by my wife’s gift, in the form of a ticket to a Disturbed concert, and from that moment on, as they say, it all began.

I won’t hide it, initially the motivation was in the form of “What’s there, what can’t I draw an application for finding tickets?”, but I’m very glad that this idea underwent good changes.

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