UX Problems: Spotify Private Session

UX Problems: Spotify Private Session

I love Daily Mix on Spotify. It’s a convenient feature where the app creates playlists based on the analysis of frequently listened-to artists.

However, there’s a downside: if you decide (like I do) to listen to a track of an atypical genre at night, Spotify will, in a couple of days, create a Daily Mix for you with similar tracks. And if I don’t want this playlist, I have to enable Private Session.

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From Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do_ Why It Is Important to Improve the Purchased Product

From Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do: Why It Is Important to Improve the Purchased Product


It is painful to watch products and solutions that once made a splash in the market, but after some time they start to die. Young, ambitious solutions come to their place. And the young products do it with such “force” that the existing products remain in “knockout” and hear the voice of the referee, who counts them: -1% market share, -2% market share, -3% and so on.

Today I want to share my personal user experience with the Wunderlist app, which will be bought by Microsoft in 2015 and renamed Microsoft To Do.

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ADHD and UX Design My Survey Analysis

ADHD and UX Design: My Survey Analysis

This blog post aims to share an insightful analysis and key excerpts from a survey I conducted as part of my UX research, focused on individuals with ADHD. The complete UX research will be unveiled as a portfolio project soon.

So, what did I learn from surveying people with ADHD for my UX Portfolio Project? How can these insights inform more empathetic and inclusive design? I invite you to join me on this fascinating exploration. Let’s delve into the significant insights and surprises that emerged from my analysis.

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Book UX Strategy by Jaime Levy.png

UX Strategy by Jaime Levy

UX Strategy is a book in which Jamie Levy tells how to combine design and business strategy to create unique and valuable digital products and services.

I was advised to read this book by David Raskin (UX/UI Team Lead at Playtika), for which I am very grateful. Our post will consist of two parts: the first part is my impressions of the book, in the second part I want to write down the quotes from the book that I liked.

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UX Research as a case study in Portfolio

UX Research as a case study in Portfolio

Today will be a personal post.

I have a difficult experience in terms of finding a job in Israel, I moved three years ago. Since I decided to transition from graphic design to UX/UI design, my attempts to find a job in this field can be clearly divided into stages: there was always something missing (experience, projects in my portfolio, real-world projects, etc.).

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About SoundSeeker

How I designed SoundSeeker


In this post, I want to share my experience of developing the design of the application SoundSeeker.

First of all, I want to express my gratitude to my mentor David Raskin (UX/UI Team Lead at Playtika), who supported me throughout the process and gave valuable advice. Without his help, I would not have achieved such a result. Read more in the chapter “Mentor”.


The idea to develop an application for finding concert tickets was born spontaneously. Most likely I was very inspired by my wife’s gift, in the form of a ticket to a Disturbed concert, and from that moment on, as they say, it all began.

I won’t hide it, initially the motivation was in the form of “What’s there, what can’t I draw an application for finding tickets?”, but I’m very glad that this idea underwent good changes.

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Game Design and UX

Exploring Game Design and UX, the “Win” Button, and the Lack of MVP

Games are not only entertainment, but also art, science and business. Behind every successful game there is a talented and thoughtful design that takes into account the psychology, aesthetics and economics of the gameplay. In this post I will tell you what game design and UX are, why they are so important for creating engaging and satisfying games, how the “win” button works and why MVP is not always the best way to test hypotheses about the game.

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Inclusive 1600

Inclusive Design: Creating Products Accessible to All Without Exception

Inclusive design is a design practice in which products and services are developed in a way that they are accessible and can serve as many people as possible, regardless of their age, gender, or abilities.

People are at the center of inclusive design. It helps designers understand how to best meet people’s needs and create convenient and understandable solutions that can be used by everyone.

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How Designers can present their Design

How Designers can present their Design

I am delighted to introduce to you a new series of posts called #overheard. Here you will find captivating and insightful content based on the most interesting excerpts from design podcasts (and not only).

This post is an excerpt of the most interesting thoughts and information from the podcast “Design is like this: How to talk about design” (authors Nikita Lakeev, Roman Nurgaliev + guest Alexander Zazvonov).

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Hire Juniors!

Employer, yes you are! Hire Juniors!

Recently, I have listened to a podcast that touched on an interesting idea – sometimes it can be more beneficial for companies to hire Junior UX Designers instead of experienced Middle or Senior designers. This sparked my curiosity and made me think about the reasons for such a choice. As a result, I conducted research and would like to share my thoughts on this topic. In this post, we will explore the advantages of hiring junior specialists and why it can be advantageous for companies.

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